Intelligent building

Умный дом
Умный дом

The intelligent building concept is to create an interactive management system over all engineering systems of the building and that provides safe and comfortable environment inside the building with essential reduction of operating costs. The Building Management System has to be open-end, in other words there must be no restrictions for its extension or modernization. The system elements, the software as well as hardware, are not to be produced strictly by any specific manufacturer.
The intelligent building concepts consist mainly of two main aspects. The first one is the essential integration of all the building engineering and security systems into united

Building Management System (BMS). In the modern BMS with open architecture each of its component system works in the best mode thanks to data interchange with other systems of the building. As a result it maximizes the efficiency of each system element and the system as a whole. Besides in the professionally built BMS architecture the number of its elements is reduced to only essential one. Our and world’s practice proves that the integrated BMS let reduce the costs for its construction to the developer and later the operating and machine costs to the owner.
The second aspect is that integration of all the systems of the building increases gain performance and comfortability because the intelligent modules of the life-support systems adapt the equipment performance to the individual needs.
The professional intelligent BMS should be developed before the engineering networks project, not after, i.e. all internal engineering networks are developed on the basis of the developed BMS project.

Building Management System (BMS)

The Building Management System consists of the following subsystems:

Engineering networks dispatching system
Engineering networks automation system

The system purpose

The Building Management System is developed for centralized monitor, dispatching and control of engineering systems equipment.
Automation and dispatching provide:
real-time tracking of equipment performance;
safe and high quality equipment operation;
automation checking and control over the engineering equipment maintenance ;
maintenance cost reduction;
engineering equipment operation remote control
real-time interaction of maintenance services, scheduled preventive maintenance and repair planning;
documentation and registration of technological processes of engineering systems and operators’ actions
automatic system for commercial and technical accounting of power consumption
automatic accounting of service life of engineering equipment and its timely maintenance;
delineation of responsibilities between services when making decisions.
Automation and dispatching objects
Automation and dispatching system of the building engineering equipment provides automatic control, adjustment, necessary blocks, emergency modes protection, as well as centralized operation and remote control of the following systems of the building:
Climatic systems
cold supply system
fan coil units system
general ventilation system
IT rooms precision air conditioning system
air pressure system and anti-smoke ventilation
cold water supply system
warm water supply system
domestic sewage system
storm water sewage system
basement groundwater drainage
fire piping
individual heat point
heating system
air curtain

Electric systems
transformer substation
power distribution network
uninterruptible power supply system
general lighting
emergency lighting
evacuation lighting
external lighting
decorative façade lighting

Integrated security system
Automatic fire-alarm system
voice fire alarm
automatic sprinkler system
security-burglar signaling system
security television system
access monitoring and control system