Automation and control panels

We produce high-quality and energy-efficient automation and control panels for solving problems of varying complexity – from the production of modular apartment and floor panels to the development and supply of industrial high-tech power distribution systems, guaranteed power supply systems and ACS TP. Manufacturing according to the technical specifications of the Customer for manufacturing, agricultural and industrial enterprises, in office centers and supermarkets.

Our principles for solving the assigned tasks

  • Flexibility and speed in decisions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental Safety
Automation and control panel Kiev, Ukraine

Automation and control panel Kiev, Ukraine

Modern and reliable power supply and automation solutions

for offices and business centers
for cafes, restaurants, hotels
for a private house and apartments
for shops and shopping and entertainment centers
for banks and financial institutions
for manufacturing enterprises
for educational centers and institutions
for medical centers

Automation and control panels

High-quality automation systems require protection and localization of controls for convenient use of devices. This requires control and automation cabinets. They greatly facilitate the operation of engineering systems.

Purpose and objectives of control panels

Control and automation cabinets are assembled during the installation of all types of engineering systems:

  • air conditioning and ventilation;
  • electricity and lighting;
  • water supply;
  • gas supply;
  • heating.

The task of the controllers installed in the automation panels is to ensure the safe operation of the devices, their operation in a given mode and the immediate response of the system and its components in the event of force majeure.

Types of shields by functionality

The type of a specific panel or cabinet depends on the specifics of the engineering system. For example, automation panels are used when installing systems controlled by microcontrollers. They are mainly equipped with indicators, and the control panel and settings may be absent. The installation of manually controlled systems requires the production of control cabinets with toggle switches, buttons and touch panels. Versatile options are also possible that combine both types, that is, they offer a choice between automatic and manual control. For example, a lighting control cabinet can combine automatic controllers and manual options, including remote dimming and light speed control.

The essence and purpose of automation panels

ShU and SHO are hardware complexes with a single electrical circuit. They combine all the capabilities of device control, ensuring clear execution of commands, execution of algorithms, optimization of the operating mode, display of current and target parameters, and alarm activation. The boards allow you to adjust the parameters of the connected systems, facilitate the control of equipment, collect and process discrete and analog signals. They also run testing and diagnostics to help make the instruments more productive. For example, a ventilation control cabinet can detect dusty filters or freeze-up heat exchangers to quickly troubleshoot these problems.

Production of automation cabinets and switchboards

The production of control and automation cabinets is carried out strictly according to the developed project, which takes into account the features of the automation system and safety requirements for further operation. The devices include controllers, relay modules, load control elements, timers, starters and indicator lights. The set of elements depends on the type of shield. Thus, the outdoor lighting control cabinet is equipped with energy meters, current transformers, an uninterruptible power supply and power contactors. Regardless of the type of shield, it is allowed to use only high-quality materials and components. Also, when implementing a project, it is important to ensure the insulation of wires and protection from damage, and, on the contrary, to make all controls and indicators easily accessible. The specialists of the “AVR Plus” company have extensive experience in the manufacture of automation panels for various purposes. We are always ready to delve into your technical problem and help solve it in a reasonable, competent and prompt manner.

Certificates and Licenses

Schneider Electric Shield Panel Official Partner Certificate
Сертификат официального партнера щитовика Shneider Electric
List of types of construction works
Перечень видов работ по строительству объектов
License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine
Лизензия государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции Украины
Work permit
Разрешение на работы

Own production

Our own high-tech production, cooperation with manufacturers of reliable and modern components, as well as extensive experience in projects of various levels of complexity allows us to implement the ideas of our clients at reasonable prices.

We use only reliable components

We use only reliable components from well-known world manufacturers

Prices for electrical services


Prices for electrical services depend on the scope of the project, conditions and features of the installation of structures at the facility.


The price for electrical services is much lower if you order design, production and installation from our company.


The exact cost of electrical services is announced when calculating the estimate of the task.

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