Protection of asynchronous electric motors

AVR PLUS company implements solutions for protection of asynchronous electric motors from overload, short circuits in Kiev and Ukraine for industrial and energy facilities on new and integrates into existing facilities.

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Asynchronous motor protection devices Kiev, Ukraine

Asynchronous motor protection devices Kiev, Ukraine

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Induction motor protection device

An asynchronous electric motor has many advantages – efficiency, reliability and a wide range of applications, but its design contains a number of vulnerabilities. High starting current, uncontrolled acceleration with direct connection, and dependence on supply voltage fluctuations are risk factors that provoke breakdowns. For this reason, asynchronous machines need protection, which will be provided by AVR Plus LLC, an expert in the development and implementation of protective devices.

Emergency modes of operation of electric motors and their types

The reliability coefficient of asynchronous machines under normal operating conditions reaches 90%, but in emergency conditions, the electric motor is especially vulnerable. The causes of emergency situations are usually errors in the preparation of electrical circuits, incorrect selection of control equipment and incorrect operation of the drive; The most common accidents include:

  • short circuits due to insulation failure;
  • overheating overloads;
  • protracted or difficult start;
  • critical voltage drop.

Types of protection for asynchronous motors

To prevent accidents and promptly turn off faulty engines, protective devices prescribed by the Code of Electrical Installation Code are used. Effective protection of asynchronous electric motors from overheating, short-circuit currents, supply voltage fluctuations and other threats has been developed.

Protection of asynchronous electric motors against overload

In electrical installations that experience excess loads in case of deviations from the normal mode of operation, protection of asynchronous electric motors against overload is used – various relays and auto switches. The task of the protective device is to prevent the motor from overheating by emergency shutdown of the drive with a time delay; the higher the overload, the shorter the time interval.

Protection of asynchronous electric motors from undervoltage or loss of voltage

The functions of turning off the drive in case of power supply drops are assigned to the relays, which turn off the drive in the event of a power failure or voltage drop below a predetermined level and prevent the unit from starting itself. In two-phase operation, protection is set against overheating and engine shutdown when one of the phases fails due to a sharp decrease in torque.

Protection of asynchronous electric motors against short circuits

To protect low-power motors from short-circuit currents, disposable fuse-links are used, which, when burned, open the circuit, turning off the drive. Reusable devices include magnetic and relay devices; unlike electromagnetic devices, protection of asynchronous electric motors against short circuits works almost instantly.

Other types of electrical protection of asynchronous motors

To disable electric drives in other emergency situations (single-phase and interphase short circuits, voltage rise, uncontrolled acceleration, etc.), complex protective devices are used. The RDC type relay implements differential and overcurrent protection of asynchronous motors in combination with standard functions of protection against power supply fluctuations, phase failure and asymmetric currents.

Electrical devices used to protect electric motors

For the implementation of schemes for complex electrical protection of asynchronous machines, the most promising are automated microprocessor devices with the possibility of remote control, combining several types of protection. AVR Plus LLC develops and implements comprehensive turnkey electrical protection strategies for all types of electric drives – leave a request on the website and we will discuss how to optimize the operation of electrical equipment at your enterprise at the lowest cost!

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