Guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply systems

The company “AVR PLUS” implements on new and integrates into existing facilities solutions for guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply in Kiev and Ukraine for data centers and server rooms; offices, shopping centers and hotels; banks and financial institutions; medical institutions; telecommunication facilities; industrial and energy facilities.

Our principles for solving the assigned tasks

  • Flexibility and speed in decisions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental Safety
Guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply systems Kiev, Ukraine

Guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply systems Kiev, Ukraine

Modern and reliable power supply and automation solutions

for offices and business centers
for cafes, restaurants, hotels
for a private house and apartments
for shops and shopping and entertainment centers
for banks and financial institutions
for manufacturing enterprises
for educational centers and institutions
for medical centers

Equipment for uninterruptible and guaranteed power supply systems

Unstable power supply and power surges can interfere with electrical equipment and damage sensitive electronics. For such cases, a reliable system of uninterrupted guaranteed power supply is needed, which will protect electrical appliances and provide an alternative power supply.

Differences between uninterruptible and guaranteed power supply systems

Uninterruptible power supply systems provide protection against voltage fluctuations in distribution networks; the purpose of the device is to restore the output voltage without breaking the sinusoid. Switching the load to batteries and other uninterruptible power supplies is carried out through an external or built-in bypass with galvanic isolation of the input and output circuits.

Installing an uninterruptible power supply system is advisable during short-term power outages and power surges, but the capacity of the UPS batteries is not enough for long-term operation of the equipment in the absence of a centralized power supply. The task of uninterrupted power supply is to gain time for a regular shutdown of energy consumers and save data.

In the event of a prolonged failure of the main network, the uninterruptible power supply system (SGE) maintains the supply of electricity to the pantographs by autostarting the diesel generator set (DGU) and switching the load to it. At the time of launch, the dispatcher’s post receives a signal about an accident; after the restoration of the power supply, the diesel generator will turn off and the load will be switched to the external network. DGS are designed to protect and support the operation of the most critical consumers of electricity in emergency conditions; Responsible energy consumers include:

  • local computer networks and communication devices;
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • console security, signaling and emergency lighting systems;
  • automatic fire extinguishing installations;
  • medical and resuscitation equipment;
  • heating equipment.

General requirements for uninterruptible and guaranteed power supply systems

When installing the appropriate equipment, it is possible to share the DGU and UPS and combine the functions of guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply in one SHE. In order to organize the correct functioning of responsible energy consumers in emergency conditions, the SHE must fulfill a number of conditions:

  • stable supply of high quality electricity;
  • complete surge compensation;
  • exact compliance of output power parameters with standard requirements;
  • prompt response to power failures;
  • remote control capability (telemechanics).

Structure and principle of operation of uninterruptible and guaranteed power supply systems

The main units of the SGE include an autonomous power source represented by a DGU, one or more UPSs that supply AC installations, control and distribution equipment and software controls. While the main network is operating normally, the genset remains in standby mode; in this case, the current is supplied to the equipment through the UPS, which act as a noise filter and simultaneously charge the batteries from the mains.

In case of power failures, the SGE controller starts the diesel generator; while the DGU is gaining momentum, power is supplied to the pantographs through the UPS from the batteries, and when the current reaches the set parameters, it switches to diesel. After the failure is eliminated, the pantographs are transferred to the standard power supply, the diesel engine is turned off; during diesel shutdown, the power supply is also supplied through the UPS. The duration of autonomous operation of energy consumers depends on the volume of the fuel tank of the SGU diesel generator, fuel consumption and UPS battery capacity.

Key areas of guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply systems

  • UPS power system device;
  • reconstruction of the power supply system;
  • data center power supply system;
  • data center power supply;
  • UPS connection;
  • assembling the UPS battery cabinet;
  • device of a guaranteed power supply system.

Our capabilities to implement guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply systems

  • We develop and agree on schemes and solutions.
  • We carry out, if necessary, the reconstruction of existing power supply systems.
  • We carry out design work.
  • Putting into operation.
  • We provide training for the customer’s personnel.
  • We supply new or use customer equipment (UPS, diesel generators, batteries)

Certificates and Licenses

Schneider Electric Shield Panel Official Partner Certificate
Сертификат официального партнера щитовика Shneider Electric
List of types of construction works
Перечень видов работ по строительству объектов
License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine
Лизензия государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции Украины
Work permit
Разрешение на работы

Own production

Our own high-tech production, cooperation with manufacturers of reliable and modern components, as well as extensive experience in projects of various levels of complexity allows us to implement the ideas of our clients at reasonable prices.

We use only reliable components

We use only reliable components from well-known world manufacturers

Prices for electrical services


Prices for electrical services depend on the scope of the project, conditions and features of the installation of structures at the facility.


The price for electrical services is much lower if you order design, production and installation from our company.


The exact cost of electrical services is announced when calculating the estimate of the task.

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