SM6 – a series of modular cubicles in metal cases

SM6 – a series of air-insulated distribution cubicles from Schneider Electric for work with distribution substations 6-10-20 kV and RUVN in transformer substations. The series of modular cells SM6 is distinguished by a wide range of technical solutions, simple and convenient installation and operation. A wide range of cubicles and modularity of design allow to adapt the switchgear to the customer’s requirements.

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SM6 - a series of modular cells in metal cases Kiev, Ukraine

SM6 – a series of modular cells in metal cases Kiev, Ukraine

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SM6 – a series of distribution cubicles from Schneider Electric

Single-sided modular cells KSO SM6 from Schneider Electric provide elegant complete solutions for the protection and control of switchgear. The products are distinguished by their laconicism and well-thought-out ergonomics; a wide variety of technical solutions, ease of installation and maintenance, adaptability, reliability in operation – characteristics that deserve respect!

SM6 distribution cubicles

The cubicles are equipped with switching devices placed in an air-insulated metal case; Vacuum or SF6 technology for extinguishing arc discharges is implemented in the design of circuit breakers. Modular switchgears perform a wide range of tasks – control, protection and accounting; the package includes:

  • microprocessor relays (Sepam, VIP, ABP);
  • energy consumption meters;
  • transformers – zero sequence and measuring;
  • voltage limiters and fuses;

Cells are supplied in fixed and withdrawable versions, the input device and controls are located on the front panel, which simplifies maintenance of the device. The cables are led from below through the channels using plinths; the channel depth depends on the cross-sectional diameter of the electrical cable; for cells with a current of 630 A, dry single-core cables can be connected from above through an additional compartment. The inner space of the metal case is divided into compartments, in which functional groups of electrical devices and metering devices are located:

  • 3 position switch compartment with earthing switch, soldered and earthed;
  • busbar compartment for 400, 600, 1250 A;
  • cable compartment with separate placement of circuit breaker, fuses and contactor; optional transformers can be installed;
  • drive compartment;
  • compartment of relay protection and secondary switching networks: microprocessor unit, terminal block, low voltage circuit breakers; installation of an additional compartment is possible.

The SM6 distribution cubicles are designed for normal operation with minimal maintenance and operator qualifications. The product meets the standards of international and domestic certification systems, specifications and recommendations for the installation of electrical equipment.

Technical characteristics of SM6 cells

The series is intended for installation in switchgears of complex transformer substations and in distribution substations from 6 to 20 kV on the high voltage side. Modular cells are distinguished by their compact design and rational use of space: the height is 1600 mm, the width is from 375 to 750 mm, and the depth is 840 mm. The technical characteristics of the cubicles indicate a high localization ability and a wide range of applications for switchgear:

  • rated current – 630 and 1250 A;
  • heat resistance current – up to 25 A;
  • rated voltage – 6, 10, 15 and 20 kV depending on the model;
  • the maximum allowable voltage – respectively 7.2, 12, 17.5 and 24 kV (for relays up to 4 kV);
  • the maximum allowable cross-section of the electric cable is 630 (at a rated current of 1250 A), 240 (at a current of 400 and 630 A), 95 sq. mm (for cubicles with fusible links);
  • optimum temperature – from -20 to 46 ˚C;
  • average service life – from 30 years.

Basic types and purpose of SM6

SM6 cubicles can serve as disconnectors, load break switches and contactors for distribution networks; for the solution of specific tasks, the possibility of additional equipment is provided. Fluarc cubicles SF1 and SFset are used as SF6 circuit breakers, Evolis – as vacuum circuit breakers, Rollarc 400 and 400D models are selected as contactors.

Benefits of SM6 Cells

Distribution cells are designed taking into account the current trends in the development of the electrical installation equipment market; the design of the device is adapted to the cable connection. By constructing substation layouts on SM6 cubicles, both current and future user requirements are met and important operational benefits are achieved:

  • simplified integration into complete transformer substations;
  • motorized wire for easy connection to ACS;
  • compatibility with all common remote control interfaces;
  • optimized tire design;
  • minimum installation cost;
  • the possibility of expanding the functionality of switchgear.

Reducing the influence of the human factor on the functioning of switchgears was one of the priorities in the design of SM6 cubicles. Original design findings are aimed at increasing the safety and controllability of switchgear and simplifying their operation:

  • clear indication of the switch position;
  • 3-position switching device, eliminating control errors.
  • clear one-line animated diagram;
  • the control mechanism of the drive is independent of the operator’s actions.

Using SM6 cells

The main area of application of SM6 cells is the construction of circuits of substations for household and industrial purposes, including with the separation of the power supply part and energy consumers. For the purchase and installation of SM6 switchgears, please contact ABP Plus with a design assignment: we will help you choose the right model and organize the assembly of the circuit as soon as possible!

Certificates and Licenses

Schneider Electric Shield Panel Official Partner Certificate
Сертификат официального партнера щитовика Shneider Electric
List of types of construction works
Перечень видов работ по строительству объектов
License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine
Лизензия государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции Украины
Work permit
Разрешение на работы

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