Repair and maintenance of oil-immersed power transformers

ABP Plyuch specialists will carry out repair and maintenance work on oil-immersed power transformers TM and TMZ for transformer substations: repair and replacement of regeneration of oil, bushings, attachments, gas protection, off-circuit tap-changers (anzapfs), taps, outputs, contact connections of the active part of the transformer, LV and HV windings, rubber seals and bolted connections.

Our principles for solving the assigned tasks

  • Flexibility and speed in decisions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental Safety
Repair and maintenance of power oil transformers Kiev, Ukraine

Repair and maintenance of power oil transformers Kiev, Ukraine

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Repair and maintenance of power oil transformers

Enterprises that have TP (transformer substations) and KTP (complete transformer substations) with oil-immersed power transformers TM and TMZ in their electrical facilities (on the balance sheet) are faced with the need for maintenance and / or repair.

Standard periodic maintenance of oil transformer by “AVR PLUS” specialists

  1. topping up oil;
  2. replacing the silica gel in the thermosyphon filter;
  3. cleaning the transformer and insulators from dust and dirt;
  4. tightening contacts and bolted connections;
  5. routine measurements;
  6. visual inspection;
  7. application (update) of operational inscriptions and markings;
  8. preparation of a technical report.

Emergency repair and maintenance of power oil transformers

If an accident occurs during operation or the output electrical characteristics do not correspond to the required parameters or there are visible defects and oil leaks, increased (uneven) noise, it is necessary to carry out work on the diagnosis of malfunctions by measurements, tests, visual inspection, followed by drawing up a defective act and agreement on the possible cost of work, since in some cases the cost of repairs can be correlated with the cost of a new transformer.

Often it is possible to make a final diagnosis only after opening the transformer and removing the active part. Depending on the nature of the malfunction and local conditions, we decide whether to carry out repairs on site or in a repair shop. For transportation to the workshop, we take out the transformer for repair, turn it off, carry out dismantling and rigging work.

Standard Emergency Repair Kit

  1. replacement or regeneration of transformer oil (bringing the technical characteristics of the oil to standard);
  2. replacement of bushings;
  3. replacement or repair of transformer attachments;
  4. repair, elimination of external defects and painting of the expansion tank and transformer tank;
  5. replacing rubber seals;
  6. repair / replacement of gas protection;
  7. replacement / repair of PMB (anzapfa);
  8. revision, replacement or repair of taps, outputs, contact connections of the active part of the transformer;
  9. repair of LV and HV windings;
  10. repair / replacement of bolted connections.

After repair, we perform output tests and measurements, prepare a technical report, delivery to the installation site, installation, connection and measurement of the transformer parameters before energizing.

In the event of an emergency, it is extremely important to determine the causes and eliminate them (why it happened, why the protection equipment did not work) in order to avoid emergency situations in the future.

For convenience, we perform work on weekends and after hours.

Timely maintenance, diagnostics and repair of power transformers significantly reduces the likelihood of emergencies in the power supply system of your enterprise.

Certificates and Licenses

Schneider Electric Shield Panel Official Partner Certificate
Сертификат официального партнера щитовика Shneider Electric
List of types of construction works
Перечень видов работ по строительству объектов
License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine
Лизензия государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции Украины
Work permit
Разрешение на работы

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Our own high-tech production, cooperation with manufacturers of reliable and modern components, as well as extensive experience in projects of various levels of complexity allows us to implement the ideas of our clients at reasonable prices.

We use only reliable components

We use only reliable components from well-known world manufacturers

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Prices for electrical services depend on the scope of the project, conditions and features of the installation of structures at the facility.


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The exact cost of electrical services is announced when calculating the estimate of the task.

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