Automation of ventilation systems

Specialists of the company “AVR PLUS” have experience in developing solutions and implementing automation of ventilation systems, both according to the existing project and technical specifications from the customer, and “from scratch”, and will be able to choose for you the optimal balanced decision in a short time for manufacturing enterprises, shopping and entertainment and business centers, offices or home.

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Automation of ventilation systems Kiev, Ukraine

Automation of ventilation systems Kiev, Ukraine

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for shops and shopping and entertainment centers
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Automation of ventilation systems

Ventilation is a necessary part of many technological processes and is included in the list of engineering systems, without which there is no need in a shop, or in a shopping center, or in an office, or at home. Without going into the variety of designs of ventilation units, they all have a control system. In the simplest case, this control is combined with power supply (an exhaust fan of a bathroom or a toilet, which is started by a switch), in more complex cases, it is the start of the system upon receipt of a command, for example, from a system for monitoring the concentration of CO or CO2 in the air. The control system can be manual or automatic, or manual and automatic. Flexibility and adaptability, technical metering of electricity is a prerequisite for modern engineering systems, including ventilation systems.

Programmable Logic Ventilation Controller

The key element, as in many automation panels, is the programmable logic controller (PLC). Depending on the number of signals required to start/stop ventilation, changes in performance, the number of sensors from which these signals are received changes, and therefore the number of corresponding inputs/outputs of the controller that perceive these signals. The same applies to the ventilation actuators:

  • electric motors
  • dampers
  • dampers
  • valves

They are often located in different rooms and interconnected with other systems (for example, a heating system). This leads to the appearance in the circuit of intermediate relays, time relays and other elements with their own PLC control signals (protocols). The more flexible the system, the more outputs it has, this affects the type and configuration of the PLC and, accordingly, its cost. In this case, the PLC can be preprogrammed for the needs of ventilation (this is a cheaper and, let’s say, standard version) and freely programmable. In the second case, the rise in the cost of the ventilation panel is explained by the need to write a program for the PLC. Ventilation automation panels, in addition to control, contain elements of input and distribution of electricity (protection and switching) of electric motors of actuators, power supply of the PLC, power supply of microclimate elements in the switchboard (if necessary).

Selecting sensors for ACS

For reliable operation of the ventilation ACS, it is necessary to correctly select the sensors. Sensors for the same tasks can vary greatly in price. Sometimes it is justified by quality, sometimes it is not. The specialists of our company have practical experience in the selection and operation of equipment, so we will be able to select the sensors of the required functionality and supply them complete with ventilation automation panels without unnecessary overpayments. If necessary, we will carry out the appropriate calibration and verification.

Selecting the enclosure shield for the ACS

It would seem that the case, the metal box, the main thing is the right size, and nothing more? If we talk about indoor installation, then we can agree with gritting teeth (since dust and moisture are present everywhere). When installing automation panels in a street or unheated industrial premises (rarely, but it happens), things change. The fact is that a cabinet with the required degree of IP (degree of protection against moisture and dust), which really corresponds to the declared characteristics, will cost more, but it will be justified.

The specialists of the company “AVR PLUS” have experience in developing solutions and implementing automation of ventilation systems, both according to the existing project and technical specifications from the customer, and “from scratch”, and will be able to choose the optimal balanced solution for you in a short time.

Certificates and Licenses

Schneider Electric Shield Panel Official Partner Certificate
Сертификат официального партнера щитовика Shneider Electric
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Перечень видов работ по строительству объектов
License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine
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Work permit
Разрешение на работы

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