Lightning protection

“AVR PLUS” company offers solutions for the design and installation of lightning protection systems for commercial, office and industrial buildings, shopping malls and business centers, logistics centers and residential buildings.

Lightning protection from “AVR PLUS”

The lightning protection is intended to protect:
– buildings and equipment from damage and fire;
– people and animals from electrocution.

Our principles for solving the assigned tasks

  • Flexibility and speed in decisions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental Safety
Lightning protection Kiev, Ukraine

Lightning protection Kiev, Ukraine

Modern and reliable power supply and automation solutions

for offices and business centers
for cafes, restaurants, hotels
for a private house and apartments
for shops and shopping and entertainment centers
for banks and financial institutions
for manufacturing enterprises
for educational centers and institutions
for medical centers

Lightning strikes create surge voltages in the network, which can damage electrical appliances, low-current systems and office equipment, provoke a fire or short circuit. To protect power grids, lightning protection systems are installed in all capital buildings.

What is lightning protection and why is it needed

Lightning protection is usually understood as a complex of external and internal devices designed to protect people, electrical wiring and electrical equipment. During a thunderstorm, lightning protection, diverts and neutralizes dangerous discharges, preventing electrical injuries, overheating of equipment, short circuits and fires.

Basic functions and components of lightning protection

The lightning protection system consists of an external and an internal part; external elements of lightning protection include a lightning rod, a busbar and a ground electrode; to the internal ones – conductors, protective buses and surge potential protection devices (SPD). In order for all elements of the system to function correctly and harmoniously, the installation of lightning protection is carried out in a strict order.

  1. A lightning rod is installed on the roof – a device for receiving lightning discharges.
  2. The bus provides current drainage to the ground, usually a copper or galvanized steel wire is mounted, fixed to the wall of the building away from windows and doors with brackets.
  3. Installation of a grounding loop to dissipate the charge in the ground. Special ground electrodes are used as a ground electrode.
  4. Connection of all system elements. Insulated conductive elements are connected through arresters, potential equalization bars and SPDs that equalize the voltage between the ground and electrical installations.

Types of lightning protection

In order to protect against lightning, different types of lightning rods are used, which are selected depending on the material of the roof. According to DSTU, for protection against lightning discharges, metal structures of various types are used, which are selected according to the material of the roof:

  • rods from 2 meters high – installed at the highest point of the metal roof;
  • tension ropes – designed for wooden and slate roofs; the cable is pulled along the ridge and installed on insulated supports;
  • wire mesh with a cross section from 6 mm – for roof tiles.

Subject to design and installation standards, modern lightning protection systems are capable of extinguishing impulses up to 200,000 A. Order the installation of lightning protection at AVR Plus LLC, and thunderstorms will bypass you, without interfering with the effective operation of electrical equipment!

Certificates and Licenses

Schneider Electric Shield Panel Official Partner Certificate
Сертификат официального партнера щитовика Shneider Electric
List of types of construction works
Перечень видов работ по строительству объектов
License of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine
Лизензия государственной архитектурно-строительной инспекции Украины
Work permit
Разрешение на работы

Own production

Our own high-tech production, cooperation with manufacturers of reliable and modern components, as well as extensive experience in projects of various levels of complexity allows us to implement the ideas of our clients at reasonable prices.

We use only reliable components

We use only reliable components from well-known world manufacturers

Prices for electrical services


Prices for electrical services depend on the scope of the project, conditions and features of the installation of structures at the facility.


The price for electrical services is much lower if you order design, production and installation from our company.


The exact cost of electrical services is announced when calculating the estimate of the task.

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