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ENG - design-of-engineering-networks-and-systems
engineering networks and systems.
engineering networks and systems.
ENG - electric-installation-work
Electric installation work
"Full construction"
Electric installation work
"Full construction"
ENG - low-voltage-electrical-switchboards-electrical-switchboards-manufacture
We produce electrical switchboards
custom equipment
customer order from the project
before installation
We produce electrical switchboards
custom equipment
customer order from the project
before installation
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Electric installation work

Электромонтажные и пусконаладочные работы.

Electrical installation and start-up  

Installations 10 and 0.4 kV

  • cable lines – metal tray work, plastic cable trunking;
  • cable conduits;
  • power and lighting rails;
  • customized busbar bridges;
  • lighting systems;
  • earthling systems;
  • electrical bonding system;
  • power distribution systems;
  • cable heating systems of stadiums, ramps, roofs, piping etc.
  • power distribution switchboards and regulating stations;
  • ventilation automated regulation system;
  • boiler house automated regulation system;
  • sewerage pumping station automated regulation system;
  • pumping units automated regulation system;
  • BMS (Building Management System);
  • Automated power technical accounting systems;
  • uninterruptible power systems using UPSs, diesel driven generators and voltage stabilizers;
  • accumulator plans
  • single-end service assembled chamber 6 and 10 kV
  • 6 and 10 kV power distribution switchboards retrofit;
  • Reconstruction of switchgear rooms and transformer substations;
  • Asynchronous motor control systems;
  • Process equipment power supply systems

External supply lines, engineering structures

  • Lighting systems (roads, stadiums, architectural facade lighting)
  • Cable power transmission lines 6/10 kV/ 0,4 kV;
  • Overhead power transmission lines 6/10 kV/ 0,4 kV;
  • Transformer substations (package transformer substations, modular package transformer substations, package transformer substations for municipal supply lines, unitized auxiliary transformer substation) 6/10 kV/ 0,4 kV;
  • 10 kV Power distribution point;
  • 10 kV, 0,4 kV cable duct systems;
  • lightning protection system;
  • earthling systems;
  • electric vehicle charging stations

We present a guarantee for all our work.

We develop design, schemes, executive documentation, and engineering solutions.

Flexible choice of materials and equipment, high-skilled personnel provide timely and high-quality presentation of electrical installation work, which in turn improves your capital costs as well as operating ones.

We do commissioning, customer’s personnel training, and power supply system’s service.   


Technologies and equipment

Lightning protection system

Intelligent building

Electric engines protection and control

Electric heating cable systems

Busbars trunk

High-voltage distribution units